Collected Work

Pearl Drops
Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings
Here are a pair of hand-made Hoop Earrings. They are adorned with 3mm Freshwater Pearls and 14K gold-fill ball beads. The earrings are made in 14K gold-fill wire and measure 7/8″ in circumference. These earrings can be made in Argentium
A Family Affair
The family is Chalcedony. This double cabochon pendant is comprised of Lavender Chalcedony that hails from Indonesia and Chrysoprase, which comes from Australia . Chrysoprase is often mistaken for Apple jade but is placed as the rich cousin of the
Solar Citrine
For those who love wearing crystals, here is a double terminated citrine set in 14K Gold Fill with a 1 carat pear shape lavender Amethyst in the front that is my unique design and is set in 14K Gold-Fill with
Amethyst Tiffany Ring
The Tiffany style ring is designed for the bigger faceted gemstones – 2.50 carats and up and in most gemstone shapes except trillion. The ring has hand fabricated prongs. This ring can really have a wide price rage based on
Amber 2 with Turquoise
This is a real showstopper! Starting at the top with a Honey Baltic Amber Chinese coin, followed by a yummy Butterscotch Amber oval, and ends with a lovely piece of Ithaca Peak Turquoise from Kingman Arizona. In addition, this triple-stone
Raku Baby Dragon
This very special piece was donated to PBS Eight’s Great Online Auction 2012. 2012 was the Year of the Dragon. Inspired by Raku Pottery comes this double cabochon pendant of a Hematite Chinese Coin set with a very whimsically carved
Black Tie Event
This pendant is an Intarsia. Intarsias are artfully created by skilled lapidaries by merging three different stones together. No seams can be felt. This Intarsia is made of Rock Quartz that has several carved holes on the back side of
Looking to the Future 1
By Lee Anne Park and Ann Turpin Thayer These stone pieces (Scrimstones) are created using a unique art form developed by the artist and inspired by the ancient arts of Scrimshaw and S’graffito. The image is scratched into the surface
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Set
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is mined in the Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Globe, Arizona. The profile of the mountain looks much like a woman lying down. Originally a copper mine, the turquoise that is obtained from this area comes in many
Here’s a cut above version hatband. It is designed to fit 24″ circumference crown of a cowboy hat. Because of the weight of this hatband, it should be tacked to the hat by milliner or tailor Hand-made from 14K gold-filled
Kingman Turquoise Hat Trim
Kingman Turquoise comes from the Kingman mine in Kingman Arizona. Kingman Turquoise has been featured for many years in collectible Fine Indian Jewelry that has been handed down from generation to generation. The material is increasing in value due to
Turquoise Hair Comb
Argentium Sterling Silver Unique and beautiful in any color hair. This is a One-Of-A-Kind with Moritz Turquoise from southern Arizona. The Turquoise is set in Argentium™ Sterling Silver and secured to the comb. The Turquoise measures 1 5/16″L x 1
High Frequency 1 Pendant
Here is a One-Of-A-Kind dynamic duo of feminine delights in a two gemstone pendant. On top is lovely oval Lavender Jade from Myanmar (Burma) and below is an elongated pear-shaped Chrysoprase from Australia. This color range is referred to as
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
Moonstone’s energy is reflective, lunar and introspective, hence it’s name. Moonstone was once considered the traveler’s stone was used to protect against hazardous travel. It is also a charm of good fortune. What woman wouldn’t want to wear this beauty?
Chinese Multi-Color Freshwater Pearls
This strand of pearls are so beautiful and sensuous! These Chinese Freshwater pearls are lavendar, peach, pink, cream & white and all natural. The sizing of the pearls are well matched 9.5-10.0mm ovals. The strand has exceptional luster with a
Japanese Akoya Pearls
Here is the classic Japanese Akoya Pearl strand. “Very Fine” and so sublime! This strand are white, round, clean, size 6.0-6.5mmstrand with a Rose overtone. Their luster is “Excellent”, pearls are well matched and hand-knotted on silk cord. The clasp
Landscape Agate
“A Day at the Beach” and Mother Nature does it best! This has not been painted or enhanced. This is a One-Of-A-Kind in 14K Yellow Gold wire with a unique top closing design. The necklace is finished with a strand
Lovely Lady
Thanks to Madeleine Albright, pins and Brooches are making a making a comeback and this one is a classic, yet contemporary cameo. Cameo jewelry pieces are traditionally handed down from one generation to another. This one is a very contemporary
Brazilian Agate with Druzy Pendant
Lapidaries and miners call it druse and jewelers call it druzy. I call it yummy eye candy! Druzys occur in many gemstones and minerals. It is a fine crystalline formation on the inside of geodes and was formed by volcanic
Silver Lights Boulder Opal
Silver Lights Boulder Opal Pendant shows an array of color play – greens, blues, reds, oranges and purples.This pendant is set in Argentium™ Sterling Silver with my “Hidden Bail™” that enables use of an omega, thick chain or thinner chain. 
Solar Storm Boulder Opal
This Boulder Opal pendant explodes with swirls of orange, peach, green fire in matrix. “Solar Storm” is set in 14K Gold-Fill with my “Hidden Bail™” that enables use of an omega, thick chain or thinner chain (sold separately). It measures
Cafe Mocha Boulder Opal
Cafe Mocha Boulder Opal Pendant shows the range of browns, beige and cream with some color play – greens and reds.This pendant is set in 14K Gold-Fill with my “Hidden Bail™” that enables use of an omega, thick chain or
Sonoran Sunrise Pendant
This combination of mineral is so special it has been named – Sonoran Sunrise. The blue-green is Chrysocolla and the orangy-red is Cuprite. This dynamic due comes from Mexico. The pendant is set in 14K Gold-Filled wire and measures 1
Field of Druze
Mmmm…One of my Favorite stones – this Black Onyz Druzy pendant looks like a field of diamonds twinkling in the light. This pendant is set in Argentium™ Sterling Silver with my “Hidden Bail™” that enables use of an omega, thick
Garnet Sword Pin
While it’s not quite a light saber, this charming Garnet Sword Pin is handmade and features 6 – 4mm Garnet beads on the hilt of the sword and made of 14K Gold-Filled wire. Please see Library for glossary of jewelry
Rainbow Delight
What delightful combination. A rainbow of natural color and one of my favorite effects – druzy. This is Rainbow Pyrite entirely druzy comes from the Ural Mountains in Russia and is found in a geode type stone that looks on
Changeling Twins
A breathtaking original, this two-piece showstopper is comprised of a opaquely-translucent Brazilian Agate with druzy and a Indonesian Lavender Chalcedony. The triangular agate is actually open along the middle section of the top, which allowed the Indonesian Chalcedony to be
Akoya Pearl Cross
This original handmade desgn cross was created using a 6.5 mm round Japanese Akoya pearl and is set in Argentium Sterling Silver. The pearl was chosen as the center piece of this cross because it is considered the Queen of
Mandarine Blush Dazzler
From gem rich Brazil is this beautifully faceted Citrine Slider/Pendant. The color of this citrine reminds me of the color of “Mandarine Napoléon Liqueur”; my husband’s favorite liqueur which is made in Belgium with tangerines with a hint of cognac.
Mabé Pearl and Textured Black Onyx Pendant
This One-of-a-Kind combination stone designer piece was created by Alex Horst. Alex is a well-known stone carver and lapidary cutter, who has appeared in major trade journals twice before he turned 30. First is a luscious 20mm round Mabé pearl,
Kyanite Pendant
This a relatively new cabochon on the market that is somewhat hard to come by because of its highly prized “chatoyancy” – cat’s eye effect – the property in some crystals of transmitting different colors when viewed along different axes.
Chrysocolla Druzy Pendant/Slider
This glistening crystalline piece lapidaries call Druze and jewelers call it Druzy – by whichever name, it is fabulous! This is an original One-Of-A-Kind pendant/slider and features my “Hidden Bale” and will accommodate a simple chain, a thick chain, an
Chrysoprase with Diamond Pendant/Slider
This pendant does your heart good. Here is a one-of-a-kind Australian Chrysoprase with a 0.13ctw. Diamond set with 24K Gold and set in 18K Yellow Gold pendant or slider. This pendant/slider features my “Hidden Bale” and will accommodate a simple
Shark’s Tooth Slider
For the bold and daring man. A genuine shark’s tooth slider handmade in 14K Gold-Filled wire. It would look ruggedly grunge on a thick leather cord and a bit more sophisticated on 7mm beveled curb chain. The Shark’s Tooth Slider
Australian Opal Doublet
Breathtaking with all the colors of the rainbow. This 26.97 carats of Australian Opal doublet is set in 14K Yellow Gold. This is the finest Australian opal crystal (where all the fire is), but it is too thin to support
Quartz Crystal with Almandine Garnets
For those who love crystals, this one comes with added bling! I always like to add gemstones to give extra pizzaz and healing. This one has 3 – 0.50 carat Almandine Garnets for a total of 1.50cttw. Clear “quartz” crystal
Brazilian Agate Set
These are some of my favorite stones because of their beautiful warm colors and patterns. These stones have an unusual matte finish and were cut by Keith Horst of Prescott, AZ. The sparkly crystalline area lapidaries call it Druze and
Dragon Skin Turquoise Set
From China this turquoise so uniquely defined by its matrix pattern. This turquoise is more green than blue. While I may obtain other Dragon Skin Turquoise again, the shapes will not be quite the same. This is an original one-of-a-kind
Your Lady will feel very regal wearing this One-of-a-Kind “Intarsia” pendant. “Intarsia” is a lapidary technique of merging pieces of three different stones in to one seamless creation. Pizzazz is made up of Black Onyx, Gilson Opal and Quartz Crystal.
Brazilian Agate Trio with Viking Knit Chain
This is one I’ve worked on for several years. I had the stones set, just had to find a way to hang it properly around the neck. Then I learn how to make Viking Knit Chain – perfect finish for
Orange Sherbet with Sparkles
If you want to lift your spirits, wearing this pendant will fill the bill. First of all, it’s a double pendant! The On top is a gemmy bright carnelian. Carnelian has been found in jewelry from Ancient Egypt and older.