Rainbow Delight

Rainbow DelightWhat delightful combination. A rainbow of natural color and one of my favorite effects – druzy. This is Rainbow Pyrite entirely druzy comes from the Ural Mountains in Russia and is found in a geode type stone that looks on the outside like a rotten potato. While the stone is triangular, the pendant is heart shape and set in 14K gold-fill with my “Hidden Bail™” that enables use of an omega, thick chain or thinner chain.


An 18” 14K Gold Fill Venetian box chain is included with this pendant/slider.Lapidaries and miners call it druse and jewelers call it druzy. I call it yummy eye candy! Druzys occur in many gemstones and minerals. It is a fine crystalline formation on the inside of geodes and was formed by volcanic gas bubbles in the rock spaces. About a decade ago, jewelry designers found them irresistible and so did there clients and they have been popular ever since.Measures: 1” H x 7/8” W