Looking to the Future 1

Looking to the Future 1By Lee Anne Park and Ann Turpin Thayer

These stone pieces (Scrimstones) are created using a unique art form developed by the artist and inspired by the ancient arts of Scrimshaw and S’graffito. The image is scratched into the surface of the stone using a stylus just as the ancient sailors scratched their designs into bone and ivory using sail needles.


Lee Anne Park has coined the word “Scrimstone” to identify this particular art form. She has always tried new and different techniques to create her art while building on the experience and knowledge of the past. These pieces are truly unique.

Many different kinds of stone are used; Howlite (sometimes referred to as “white turquoise“), marble, onyx and sandstone are among the types used. The subjects are incised into the stone using sharp tools to scratch the design into the surface. This level of detail cannot be achieved using powered tools. The various inks and dyes add the color and depth as they penetrate the surface of the stone. The completed piece is coated with a layer of acrylic spray to protect it. Creative mountings are often made from the roots of the Manzanita bush, various rocks, painted watercolor backgrounds, handmade bark papers or a variety of creations in brass, plastics, ceramics or glass.

The raw stones are sought out and collected by the Lee Anne Park and cut by large diamond bladed saws at one of the many mines in Arizona and shaped by master lapidary artist, Keith Horst. The primary subjects (wildlife and animals) for these works are researched and photographed by the Lee Anne during her travels around the country and at wildlife rescue centers in Arizona, Montana, Massachusetts and Virginia.

This collaboration between Ann and Lee Anne makes a perfect team and they look forward to creating beautiful jewelry together. This Scrimstone is called ““Looking to the Future_1” and is set in 14K gold. The 16-inch 14K Gold 3mm Omega is sold separately. Please see Library for glossary of jewelry terms. This pendant/slider/totem measures 1 7/8”H X 1 1/2” W.