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About the Gems & Minerals

About the Gems & Minerals 2

I work in precious metal wire – 18K and 14 K Gold, Argentium Sterling Silver and 14K Gold-Filled wire. Because I work with precious metals, I feel that the focus piece needs to be of the best quality I can

Glossary of Terms

Karat and their Equivalents

The way I’ve listed terms is not alphabetical but in the order it should be read as one flows into the other. Precious MetalsGold, platinum and silver are considered the metals valued in jewelry. All three metals share 4 qualities

Anniversary Gem Chart

Anniversary Gem Chart

Year Stone 1st – 11th Remembrance 12th Agate 13th Moonstone 14th Moss Agate, Fossilized Ivory 15th Rock Crystal 16th Topaz 17th Amethyst 18th Garnet 19th Rose Quartz 20th Jade 25th Silver 30th Pearl 35th Coral-Jade 40th Ruby 50th Gold 55th

Birthstone Chart

Birthstone Chart

Month Modern Ancient January Garnet Garnet February Amethyst Amethyst March Aquamarine Bloodstone April Diamond Diamond May Emerald Emerald June Alexandrite Pearl July Ruby Ruby August Peridot Sardonyx September Sapphire Sapphire October Rose Zircon or Pink Tourmaline Opal November Golden Topaz